Uxbridge, U.K., December 2nd, 2010 – Xerox has introduced new software to its FreeFlow® Accxes Controller – making it easier and faster to produce documents such as complex engineering renderings and topographical maps.   
“Xerox is continually enhancing its wide-format offerings to enable customers to get the very most out of their products.” said Howard Witt, Wide Format Manager, Xerox Europe. “These latest enhancements to Xerox’s industry-leading FreeFlow® Accxes Controller deliver for our customers improved workflows and returns on their investment.”
The following enhancements introduced with the latest Freeflow® Accxes software help customers efficiently manage their wide-format applications:
  • Support for the Xerox 7142 Wide Format Printer
    The latest software allows the Xerox 7142 wide-format colour printer to be fully integrated with the Accxes workflow.  Print jobs can be submitted via FreeFlow® Accxes client tools, print drivers, LPR (Line Printer Daemon protocol), Web Printer Management Tool upload file and Instant Accxes.
  • Permanent Job Queue
    Preventing data loss during power outages and other inadvertent shutdowns is vital for printers. With the Accxes workflow, any job active at the time of system shutdown will be placed in the “Hold” queue at power-up. This allows the system administrator to control which jobs get processed first when the system resumes.
  • Administrator Managed Queue
    The Accxes controller now supports a mode which puts all incoming jobs on hold to allow the key operator to manage what gets printed when. This mode is controlled via the Web Printer Management Tool or the touch screen user interface.
  • Naming of Scanned files
    Users can now name their images prior to scanning their documents. A simple numeric index will allow quick, continuous scanning of originals, or users can enter unique IDs for each scan.
  • Scanning to and printing from USB Devices
    Removable USB memory devices are commonplace in today’s environment. The latest Accxes software allows users to simply insert a device into the USB port on the touch-screen user interface and select the desired function. This means immediate scanning and printing for important or ad hoc jobs.
  • Support for Wide-Format Scan System on the Xerox 6622 Solution
    The Wide-Format Scan System has been added to the Xerox 6622 Wide Format Solution™. This gives customers the choice of either using the scanner on the Xerox 6622 or continuing to use an existing scanner.
Available immediately, the new software and FreeFlow® Accxes enhancements are compatible with select Xerox wide-format devices.
About Xerox Europe
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Xerox Europe also has manufacturing and logistics operations in Ireland, the UK and the Netherlands, and a research and development facility (Xerox Research Centre Europe) in Grenoble, France. 
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