UXBRIDGE, U.K., Feb. 24, 2017 – Cutting costs is essential, but doing it in a way that also improves public service is ideal. Working with Xerox, Newport City Council (NCC) will digitise its mail services to residents in a way that speeds up communications and cuts postage-related costs by tens of thousands of pounds per year. 

XeroxMail, Xerox’s hybrid mail solution, meets both the government’s ‘digital by default’ standard and will surpass NCC’s goal of reducing postage costs by seven percent during the next two years.

How it Works

The XeroxMail solution uses Royal Mail’s MailMark™ bar codes to streamline the mail process. With councils facing reduced budgets, MailMark™ barcode technology provides maximum mail discounts to NCC. It also enables tracking throughout the delivery process with information on when mail is delivered.

XeroxMail provides the ability to combine letters that are addressed to the same individual and insert these into one envelope saving the postage costs of these additional letters, and streamlining communication with NCC’s residents. The solution uses additional barcode technology which improves the accuracy of the automated mailing process.

Council staff can route mail and print functions to central printers from any location, supporting flexible and remote working, while also transitioning more residents to email-based communication.

XeroxMail also gives staff the option to route documents via e-mail and create a centralised, digital resource for postal mail management to ensure that residents receive correspondence from the council without error or delay.

Moving Away from Manual

Until now, the council relied on a franking machine to carry out mail services, a manual system that required substantial employee time to operate. This amount of time will be greatly reduced providing operational efficiencies. Current annual postage costs of over £220,000 will also be lowered by combining mail as well as MailMark™ discounts. The rollout of the solution is expected to cut the volume of paper being printed by the council resulting in a positive reduction in NCC’s carbon footprint. Through these savings, the council expects to see a full return on investment from the Xerox solution within three years.

“The Xerox Mail solution is an important part of the council’s digital strategy. It provides significant cost savings whilst improving customer communication. It improves numerous processes, provides greater agility and flexibility which is why we have branded it ‘FlexiMail.’ We also aim to increase electronic delivery methods,” said Mark Bleazard, Newport City Council’s information development manager.

“Local and state authorities across the world see Xerox as a bridge to the digital future,” said Andrew Morrison, UK managing director, Xerox. “As we find more efficient ways to approach daily work processes, organisations are freed up to focus on what they really want to be doing, innovating and improving the constituent experience.”


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