Xerox today announced that Worcestershire Acute Hospitals NHS Trust has selected Xerox for the digitisation and full management of its health records. The outsourced service will provide the NHS Trust greater control over its records which will increase productivity and the quality of service delivered to its patients.

The 10 year contract for the managed service roll out is worth 12.8m and went ‘live’ at the beginning of August. The first phase will involve Xerox taking over the current patient records process including key staff and facilities across the Trust. The transition of patient records from paper to digital will be undertaken using intelligent character recognition technology, developed by Xerox Innovation Group.

The second phase will enable the digitised patient records to be accessed by the Trust’s clinicians and key medical staff via an online portal. The electronic system that Xerox will implement will integrate with other systems in the Trust for critical tasks including patient administration and appointment management to ensure the maximum amount of patient information is available.

“For patients there will be key benefits. Whether they attend for a scheduled appointment or as an emergency we will be able to ensure that their health records are available to doctors and other clinical staff,” said John Thornbury, director of ICT for the Trust. “The new digital records will facilitate the provision of consistent care because of the availability of records across the different specialities.”

Clinicians will also benefit as they will be working with a system that is intuitive, meaning that it is designed to adapt to their needs. It will offer a ‘one point of contact’ for all records and provide them with immediate access to information sharing with other departments. The system provides them with a single and comprehensive overview of individual patient records.

Chief Executive John Rostill said: “I am determined that we make a real effort to reduce the paperwork in the local NHS. Moving to an electronic record system is something that we should have done a long time ago but I am delighted that we are going to be one of the pioneers in this area. It will revolutionise the way our staff work and make a considerable impact on patient care and safety.”

Around 60 key staff will transfer to Xerox but remain on the same terms and conditions and at the same place of work.

“We understand the unique financial and operational challenges faced by organisations such as Worcestershire Acute Hospitals NHS Trust,” said Andy Jones, director and general manager, Xerox Global Services, Europe. “The Xerox management service is a reliable and trusted outsourcing solution that will help the Trust to realise genuine operational benefits and innovative new ways of working. They will increase efficiency – a benefit that will directly impact on patient care – while also saving money, reducing paper usage and reducing the Trust’s environmental impact.”

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