UXBRIDGE - To make its award-winning colour technology even more affordable, Xerox is announcing today significant price reductions for the WorkCentre C2424 colour multifunction system. The entry-level price of the WorkCentre C2424 has dropped by 30 per cent to only 1369.00.

The WorkCentre C2424, which has now earned 29 industry awards globally, produces colour and black-and-white office documents - including text files, promotional materials, spreadsheets and presentations - at up to 24 pages-per-minute. At the new pricing levels Xerox is delivering the industry's first office colour multifunction system with patented solid ink technology to an even wider range of users.

"Reducing the price of the WorkCentre C2424 reinforces Xerox's commitment to driving colour adoption into enterprises regardless of size," said Cees Van Doorn, general manager and senior vice president, Xerox Europe, Office Group. "Xerox's colour products and solutions offer high functionality at an affordable price, and we are pleased that we can build upon our success in 2005 and begin 2006 by extending our colour portfolio into new market areas."

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