UXBRIDGE According to data released by InfoSource for the first half of 2008, Xerox is the market leader in the monochrome continuous feed printer market in six European countries: Finland, Italy, Norway, Portugal, Switzerland and UK.

The InfoSource data also confirmed Xerox's 650/1300 as the best-selling monochrome continuous feed printer in the first half of 2008.

"InfoSource's independent data clearly confirms what new and existing customers have been telling us - that within three years Xerox has become a very major player, with a strong number two position, in the European monochrome continuous feed printer market." said Valentin Govaerts, senior vice president, Production and Graphic Arts Industry, Xerox Europe.

Some of the customers who have purchased Xerox monochrome continuous feed printers so far in 2008 are Multisets (Xerox 650) in the UK, Redmail in the Netherlands (Xerox 650), and in Germany, GM Consult IT (Xerox 650) and AMB Generali Informatik Services (Xerox 1300). These machines are being used for a range of applications including bills, statements, book printing and manuals.

"The combination of our unique workflow and printer technologies mean we offer customers a way of escaping some of the compromises that are present with other technologies that are on offer in the market." said Jonathan Edwards, European Business Manager, Xerox Europe.

The Xerox 650/1300 is Xerox's fastest monochrome printer yet - up to 1232 ipm A4 (91.44 metres per minute). The system uses dry toner, xerographic imaging and flash-fusing technology - a unique process that does not use heat or pressure or make contact with the paper, allowing the device to print on a wider array of substrates than competitive systems.

Source: InfoSource Production Printing Report, September 2008
Note: The monochrome continuous feed printer market is defined as devices that print at 351 pages per minute and above.

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