UXBRIDGE -- Visionary companies in the global graphic arts industry continue to embrace the benefits of digital, increasing their productivity and gaining new customers with the Xerox iGen3 Digital Production Press and Xerox Nuvera™ Digital Production Systems. Xerox iGen3 customers have produced more than three billion pages of material worldwide, with over 70 iGen3 systems printing more than one million pages per month.

"Since the recent enhancements to the iGen3 and proven high ROI on all our digital equipment, demand has continued to grow," says Valentin Govaerts, Senior Vice President, Production and Graphic Arts Industry, Xerox Europe. "We have recently expanded in the Middle East and Turkey, and iGen3 installations have been secured in regions recently introduced to the iGen3, such as in South Africa, Russia and Romania. With these successes in mind, we're hoping to help our customers understand how to maximise their digital portfolio."

The first example of Xerox's expansion into developing markets and recognition of the possibilities of digital is at graphic arts company Xpress Printing in Romania. The company recently purchased its second iGen3 after the success of its first installation and due to the growing market in personalised print. "Our customers were so impressed with the customised element carried out by the iGen3 we decided to buy another one to keep up with demand," says Panayiotis Vassos, General Manager at Xpress Printing. "We're now using both machines to produce a range of short-run, variable data such as high quality personalised calendars."

A second example of the iGen3's impact in developing regions is at another Romanian graphic arts company called TipArt Group. The company purchased its first iGen3 in 2005 because it suited specific needs for high quality output at fast speeds. "We are now convinced that the iGen3 will help us successfully deliver the wide range of jobs our customers demand, no matter how complex, thus being the driver for further developing our business," says Petrica Paraschiv, General Manager at TipArt Group.

European Xerox customers are using their digital equipment in innovative ways and in a wide range of markets, including the Netherlands. Dutch direct mail specialist De Brink has similarly upgraded its entire digital fleet with Xerox iGen3s and Nuvera systems in order to expand its personalisation offerings to customers. The company has invested in a second iGen3, a second Nuvera Pro and a new DocuPrint 92C Printing System. "In such a competitive market, we now feel able to offer unique, customised solutions to our customers, allowing us to stand out in the crowd," says Roy In Het Veld, General Manager at De Brink. "With such a range of high quality digital kit we can now progress into new markets and keep up with customer demand."

One of the most innovative and complex personalised direct mail campaigns in the UK was carried out by print and direct marketing specialists Inc Direct using its iGen3. The company has developed and produced a successful personalised welcome pack for new customers of high street mobile phone company The Carphone Warehouse. Since then, Inc Direct has attracted substantial interest from direct marketers and print buyers about its digital and cross media capabilities and as a result recently invested in a second iGen3. "Due to our strong relationship with Xerox coupled with the reliability of our first iGen3, we chose a pre-emptive strategy to increase our workloads," says Noel Warner, Managing Director at Inc Direct. "Since investing in Xerox digital technologies we have now entered new markets and helped develop more unique personalised techniques. If this trend continues, I expect to buy a third iGen3 by the end of 2006."

In Denmark, graphic arts company Formula has transformed its entire digital printing suite with Xerox. The company recently replaced its NexPress with an iGen3 and two Oc systems with two Xerox Nuvera digital systems. "With the continuous support given to us by Xerox, we feel confident that we now have the capability to increase productivity significantly and improve print quality with this investment," says Bjarne Skyum, Managing Director at Formula. "We realise the potential of digital printing. We expect a rapid ROI as well as growth in our customer base."

PrintXpert, one of the largest digital print shops in Greece, has recently invested in its first iGen3 with CREO Controller "We see the iGen3 as an opportunity to increase our competitiveness in the print-on-demand market, which is a rapidly growing market in Greece," says a PrintXpert executive.

Truyol, graphic arts company and Xerox Premier Partner, recently became the first Spanish graphic arts company to install a second iGen3. The investment was made to support Truyol's expansion into the digital printing market for personalised photo albums. "Our first iGen3 allowed us to improve our core business processes such as workflow and document management services," says Joaquin Tryol, Truyol's Managing Director. "Since having the second iGen3 we have developed an innovative and simple personalised application for MyPhotoFun, enabling consumers to create personal photo albums via the Internet that we can print out for them. So far the impact has been huge."

In Sweden there have been large Xerox Nuvera contracts, including two Xerox Nuvera Pro 144 systems with high capacity stacker, insert module and square fold booklet maker at BG-Butiken. "Having thoroughly looked at the market we found out that Xerox Nuvera Pro 144 was the right choice for us," says ke Walln, Managing Director at BG-Butiken. "Also, we are very confident in the after-sales service that Xerox offers. We have been working with Xerox since 1990. We feel that Xerox's Nuvera Pro 144 represents the new generation of machines that we were looking for."

In the United States, Specialist Printing and Direct Mail recently installed the first Xerox iGen3 110 in San Diego, California, and is using the digital press to expand its digital printing offerings and capitalise on growing customer demand for full-colour, one-to-one, direct marketing jobs. The full-service direct mail provider only recently installed its first digital colour printing system - a DocuColor 6060 Digital Press - two years ago. With the Xerox iGen3 the company is producing approximately 700,000 pages a month and expects print volume will double within six to eight months.

"The future of direct mail is moving to colour and personalisation, and the Xerox iGen3 is the best product to give us an edge in this business," said Jay Pardo, vice president, Specialist Printing and Direct Mail. "Our first full month with the iGen3 press was one of our biggest months ever in terms of digital colour because the press was able to meet high production requirements that we normally outsource."

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