UXBRIDGE – Following the success at the FINA World Swimming Championships 2008 in Manchester in April, the world’s first Extensible Interface Platform (EIP) client for the Xerox DocuShare Enterprise Content Management Solution will be on show during the AIIM (Association for Information and Image Management) Roadshow from April 28th to May 2nd.

The event, now in its 15th year, provides a unique opportunity for end-users in five UK cities to review how document-based information is accessed and processed throughout business. The new Xerox EIP client will show AIIM road show attendees how it can help customers increase productivity and reduce costs by turning Xerox multifunction printers into a key component of a business and content management process.

As an initial trial, the new DocuShare EIP application played a central role in the running of a productive back office at the 9th FINA World Swimming Championships 2008 in Manchester in April. In order to achieve the most efficient workflow possible, Xerox developed a DocuShare application on EIP that provided specific event information for event organisers and press officers so they can access and print race starting orders and results more quickly and efficiently. Head of Communications at the event and five times World Swimming Champion James Hickman said: “It was fantastic how Xerox supported the World Swimming Championships by providing much needed back office support to help ensure this event was a success. The document and information management was incredibly efficient.”

"The enthusiastic response of developers, system integrators and end users tells us that EIP is meeting a critical need for solutions that take the complexity out of day-to-day office processes," said Darren Cassidy, Director and General Manager, Office Group, Xerox UK. “EIP is another way that Xerox is making work easier for customers, helping them to reduce the time and money spent handling documents. We are looking forward to showcasing DocuShare on EIP at the AIIM Roadshow in the UK.”

Available from April 2008, the new DocuShare EIP client combines Xerox’s web-based document management system with a software platform developers can use to create server-based applications for multifunction printers. The EIP application also ensures secure and personal access, by allowing users to log onto the touch screen user interface by entering their DocuShare access data. As with DocuShare, users can only access objects if they have proper authorisation. After logging in, users can navigate through the DocuShare content management structure.

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