UXBRIDGE – Xerox knows a thing or two about offices. The company has provided technology for 48 years that helps office workers get work done faster and simpler. Today Xerox also helps workplaces reduce their dependency on paper by encouraging the use of more digital systems and document management services. The benefit is a more efficient and environmentally friendly workplace. During Energy Saving Week and every week, Xerox encourages offices to think “Green at Work,” by following these simple steps:
  1. Reduce paper use.
    The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency estimates that it takes 10 times more energy to create a sheet of paper than to run it through an office product. Cut back on paper use by:
    • Setting your printer to the duplex mode as a default. That means it will automatically print on both sides of the sheet of paper.
    • Preview printouts to eliminate unnecessary waste—format and condense text to save paper.
    • Save a tree: Use e-mail and scan-to-file options instead of relying on the printed word.
    • Recycle the paper you use and use recycled paper.
  2. Cut energy consumption.
    On April 1, the EPA introduced new ENERGY STAR certification criteria increasing the efficiency of certified products by at least 30 percent over its prior certifications. To put into context, Xerox ENERGY STAR equipment already installed in customer locations around the world save 1,000,000 megawatt hours — enough to light nearly 1 million. homes a year. Using newly certified equipment not only increases energy savings significantly, but also reduces the amount of greenhouse gases we put into the air reducing the risk of climate change or global warming. To cut energy consumption in your office:
    • Choose products that meet the newest ENERGY STAR certification criteria.
    • Make sure to use power saver features built into systems. Office equipment is generally turned on 24 hours a day making power management features critical to saving energy. This simple step also reduces air pollution.
    • Replace old and less efficient equipment and individual machines with a single system that prints, copies, scans, emails and faxes. A single system that performs multiple functions uses half as much energy as using several single-function devices. It can also reduce energy costs by as much as 1,000 a year for a workgroup of 100 people.
  3. Support recycling and remanufacturing.
    The Green World Alliance Program, aimed at recycling copy and print cartridges, toner containers and waste toner, combined with equipment remanufacturing prevents millions of pounds of waste from entering landfills each year—107 million pounds in 2005 alone. To do your part:
    • Choose equipment and supplies designed for remanufacturing and recycling.
    • Return supplies like print and copy cartridges for recycling.
    • Recycle used equipment.
Xerox is guided by a Waste-Free Commitment , a pledge to design waste-free products in waste-free facilities that serve to help customers create waste-free workplaces. The company demonstrates its commitment through extensive remanufacturing and recycling initiatives, a partnership with the NATURE CONSERVANCY to advance the practice of sustainable forest management, and pioneering conservation and protective environmental policies well in advance of governmental regulations. To learn more about Xerox and the environment, visit www.xerox.com/environment


About Xerox Europe

Xerox Europe, the European operations of Xerox Corporation, markets a comprehensive range of Xerox products, solutions and services, as well as associated supplies and software. Its offerings are focused on three main areas: offices from small to large, production print and graphic arts environments, and services that include consulting, systems design and management, and document outsourcing.
Xerox Europe also has manufacturing and logistics operations in Ireland, the UK and the Netherlands, and a research and development facility (Xerox Research Centre Europe) in Grenoble, France. For more information visit, www.xerox.com

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