UXBRIDGE -- In order to address the increased demand for high-quality book publication, Printondemand-worldwide.com has upgraded its end-to-end book production solution by combining a Xerox Nuvera 288 with a self-designed web ordering and management information system that will help proof customer orders and monitor the status of print jobs.

In recent months Printondemand-worldwide.com has grown as the requests for short-run book production from publishers around the world has increased. At the same time, the company also saw an opportunity to invest in new book production areas where high resolution printing was essential. This includes the publication of art and photography books. The Xerox Nuvera 288 Digital Perfecting System is able to print onto a wider range of gloss and satin paper types and has a 1200dpi resolution quality. As a result, the revolutionary Xerox monochrome printing quality enables Printondemand-worldwide.com to produce art and photography books in black and white to a quality that is comparable to lithographic printing.

The introduction of the Xerox Nuvera 288 and new web ordering systems completes Printondemand-worldwide.com’s end-to-end book production solution. The company is now well placed to produce books at any quantity for a range of uses.

Andy Cork, Managing Director of Printondemand-worldwide.com said, “As specialists in book production, we are constantly improving our service to customers and pushing the boundaries of what on-demand book production can achieve – hence the introduction of our new web management systems and the Xerox Nuvera 288. In the past, art and photography books have been difficult to produce as digital print technology has not been able to get to a high enough resolution to allow an authentic reproduction. With the Xerox Nuvera 288 in place, this problem has been eliminated. Our work with the Xerox Nuvera 288 is changing the perception of how digital print can address the needs of the publishing market.”

Printondemand-worldwide.com’s purchasing decision was not only based on Xerox Nuvera’s high-quality print resolution but also on its ability to reduce Printondemand-worldwide.com’s impact on the environment. The Xerox Nuvera 288’s efficiency and reliability means fewer print materials are wasted and therefore it is perceived as an environmentally efficient machine that can meet Printondemand-worldwide.com’s ‘green’ objectives.

Commenting on the relationship with Printondemand-worldwide.com, Peter Taylor, director, Production and Graphic Arts, Xerox UK, said, “Printondemand-Worldwide.com is an innovative print company with its finger on the pulse of customer needs. As demonstrated by Printondemand-worldwide.com, book production is entering a new era and we anticipate that digital print is the engine to power this change.”

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