Dublin -- Xerox Europe today announced improvements to its consumables ordering process for all customers with consumables included in their contracts. Online consumables (toner, cartridges etc) ordering is:
  • Easy, quick and simple

  • Available 24/7

  • Accessible from your PC at your convenience

  • You get instant order acknowledgment

  • You get an email confirmation when your order is processed

  • Available for all Xerox Products with metered service contracts

  • We ensure the same quick delivery time you currently receive
Bob Horastead, General Manager of the Xerox Welcome Centre in Dublin explained:

'This represents another step forward in our roll out of online capabilities to make life easier for our customers. We have been trialling this capability with some customers and many found online ordering more convenient than phoning our Welcome & Support Centre. We are now providing this choice for all customers with consumables included in their contract'

Online consumables ordering can be accessed by selecting Contract Consumables on our Supplies and Consumables pages on www.xerox.com. An online demo is also available.

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