UXBRIDGE -- Oriel Studios, one of the largest pre-press studios in the North West has become the first in the country to invest in the latest Xerox DocuColor 5000 digital printing press with Fiery RIP. Oriel Studios decided to make the purchase following a private preview and evaluation of the new machine, the industry's first digital colour press to address mid-range print volumes, at the IPEX exhibition in April this year.

This latest investment is the third addition to Liverpool-based Oriel Studios' portfolio of Xerox digital presses, which already includes a DocuColor 12 and a DocuColor 2045. With no exact equivalent in the market in terms of quality, performance and price, Oriel Studios believes the DocuColor 5000 will put it at a competitive advantage following its recent move into the growing digital print market.

Peter Copple, Managing Director of Oriel Studios said, "We've seen many changes in the industry over the past thirty years, but none more important than the advent of digital print. We have experienced significant growth in digital volumes since the installation of our Xerox DocuColor 2045 in 2004 and with the DocuColor 5000 we are hoping to take our business that step further. Oriel Studios can now handle the entire printing process from start to finish in-house with improved productivity and consistent image quality. This places us ahead of our rivals and helps us serve our customers better.

"The contract was signed and the DocuColor 5000 installed at the beginning of the summer and printing took off like a whirlwind. One of my favourite features of the press is that it maintains a high level of productivity and performance regardless of the weight of the paper it's printing on, whether it's heavyweight, oversized or coated paper."

Oriel Studios was founded over thirty years ago as a pre-press studio and has evolved with consumer demands. It provides a wide range of print services including design, large format output, offset printing and digital print.

The DocuColor 5000, launched in May 2006, is designed for print providers that average between 30,000 and 150,000 impressions per month. It features 2400 x 2400 dpi print resolution and state-of-the-art laser technology. The DocuColor 5000's 32-beam laser - compared to a typical 2-beam laser - allows the press to scan more data faster and at a higher resolution. It also offers tighter registration and a wider choice of colour management capabilities than light-production digital colour systems now on the market. The press is designed to produce marketing brochures, posters, customised direct-mail pieces and more.

Commenting on the deal Peter Taylor, General Manager and Director of Graphic Arts, Xerox UK said, "We are very happy to be working with Oriel Studios. Investing in the DocuColor 5000 digital colour press will take its business into new markets and the potential return on investment is enormous. Oriel Studios can now add extra value to its services and has a competitive edge, which will no doubt attract new customers and increase the loyalty of existing ones."

About Oriel Studios

Oriel Studios was founded over thirty years ago as a pre-press studio and have evolved as consumer demand has changed. Whilst continuing with pre-press, over the years they have made internal changes in order to serve their customer base better with an expanding range of print services. This includes design, large format output, offset printing plus their latest move into digital print.

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