UXBRIDGE – In its bid to become one of the most innovative councils in the UK, the North Cornwall District Council has signed an agreement with Xerox and its corporate reseller SCC, utilising the Cornwall County Council framework agreement, to introduce new and efficient ways of working. Under the terms of the contract Xerox has now deployed 39 Extensible Interface Platform (EIP) -enabled multifunction printers (MFP) within the North Cornwall region. The deal will, in the future, enable North Cornwall District Council to develop bespoke, web-based services on the MFPs that benefit its employees, residential community and the 1 million tourists who annually visit the region. It is estimated that this project will generate significant efficiencies for North Cornwall District Council in two distinct ways: introducing efficiencies for its staff and making new kiosk-style services available to the public.

In the office environment, the new systems will improve workflow and add another level of information access – to be delivered faster and in colour – which will increase quality, productivity and employee mobility. The introduction of Equitrac, a print management and cost control solution, is key to managing costs and reducing waste. Not only will staff be able to see the cost of printing their documents in advance, they will also be able to choose to cancel print requests or be prompted to print on the most cost-effective device. This is particularly effective for balancing the requirements of print requests of all sizes against available office resources.

Residents and tourists of North Cornwall will also benefit. The customisable EIP display panel is HTML-based and as easy to program as a Web page. This means kiosk-based applications can easily be developed and made more readily available to the public in existing Council buildings such as Leisure Centres and Visitor centres. This is not only more convenient for the community but also increases response times. Similarly, tourists will eventually be able to request printed information that they want on demand, such as route maps in the local area from the lobby of any visitor centre.

Darren Cassidy, Director and General Manager for Office Group, Xerox UK said: “By adopting an MFP-based solution that enables bespoke, web-based applications, North Cornwall District Council is developing the blueprint for marrying innovation with community services. North Cornwall is truly setting the standard for a new way of working by using every ounce of functionality MFPs can offer: copying, scanning, faxing, printing, e-mail and web services.”

Xerox’s EIP-based multifunction printer solution, which was selected by North Cornwall District Council over other market solutions, was chosen for its extreme flexibility, ease of application development and ability to enable smarter working.

Russell Cosway, ICT Business Manager for North Cornwall District Council remarked: “When Xerox introduced us to EIP, we immediately saw the potential for getting the most out of our community service facilities. The beauty of EIP is that it doesn’t require us to learn a new programming language and, once we develop and load an application on the server, it can run on any device in our network. North Cornwall District Council has a number of small offices including leisure and visitor centres and we can develop bespoke applications that significantly enhance the services we provide to the community.”


Xerox and the Extensible Interface Platform (EIP)
Announced in October 2006, Xerox’s Extensible Interface Platform (EIP) is a software platform developers can use to create server-based applications for multifunction printers and that can be configured for the MFP’s touch-screen user interface.Using this interface, workers can enter a password or use a secure smart card at the MFP and access a set of features and options designed specifically for their business needs. For example, a hospital could customize the systems' touch-screen to help better manage patient forms. By touching an icon on the display, a healthcare worker could access the hospital's Web-based document management system and browse a list of patient forms.

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