UXBRIDGE -- Xerox today unveiled DocuShare CPX and DocuShare 5.0, two new enterprise content management (ECM) software products built on a single technology platform. Businesses can use one or both applications to handle their content and document management needs, such as financial record keeping or disclosure-related government regulations.

Targeted at large enterprises and public sector organisations, DocuShare CPX makes it easy for people to share content, collaborate, and automate critical work processes such as processing mortgage loan applications or routing CVs through a human resources department. In addition, DocuShare CPX supports web conferencing and social computing features such as blogs and wikis that can be easily managed and stored as legally-binding records for auditing later.

"With our dual product strategy, Xerox is challenging the current ECM paradigm," said Nigel Whitmore, Xerox DocuShare UK Sales Manager. "We give customers the flexibility to mix and match both types of content management solutions on one easy-to-use platform."

In addition to the core capabilities of DocuShare 5.0, DocuShare CPX features four new software components to improve productivity and streamline work processes:

  • Content-centric Collaboration - Blogs and wikis within DocuShare CPX can be managed so approvals, permissions, and auditing are consistent with corporate content management policies. Web conferencing is also possible through a new partnership with WebEx Communications, the on-demand collaboration leader. For example, a Chief Financial Officer can bring together an organisation's finance team, even if they are geographically dispersed, by launching an online WebEx meeting within DocuShare CPX to discuss an upcoming earnings announcement and related financial documents,

  • Content Process Automation - Managers can easily configure rules and set specific actions that will be performed on new or existing content. As a result, organisations can quickly automate complex procedures such as new employee processing, loan application submissions, and compliance reporting,

  • Content Assimilation and Reuse - Together with NASA, Xerox has developed what is called a "Knowledge Network" to allow XML-based content within documents to be repurposed for future use. Workers can organise and manage semi-structured data, such as business forms or templates, by leveraging existing user interfaces in commonly used applications such as Microsoft Office, Excel and PowerPoint,

  • Advanced Content and Records Management - Department of Defence-certified records management capabilities are included with DocuShare CPX, enabling workers to easily and accurately classify and declare documents as records to comply with regulatory standards such as Sarbanes-Oxley,

"When looking at the bottom line, companies need to increase productivity and reduce risk while remaining lean. IT staff require solutions that seamlessly work across multiple locations and operating systems," said Melissa Webster, programme director at industry research firm IDC. "A one-size-fits-all approach does not necessarily give companies the flexibility they need to meet the needs of the business."

Minimising IT Support

To help small and midsized businesses as well as global enterprises, DocuShare 5.0 includes numerous enhancements that minimise the need for IT support, including automatic deployment of the software across an organisation's network. DocuShare 5.0 can be used as a standalone application for managing day-to-day business content or through new search capabilities where workers can access data through multiple connected DocuShare and CPX servers.

Unlike competitive ECM products, DocuShare software is entirely Web-based, works across multiple operating systems, and can integrate with enterprise infrastructure databases from Oracle, IBM and Microsoft. It also works with Internet Explorer, Netscape, Safari, Opera and Mozilla Firefox Web browsers.

Both software products can be installed and running in a matter of hours. They can integrate with other Xerox offerings such as FreeFlow SMARTsend scanning software and WorkCentre Pro advanced multifunction systems to create a complete document lifecycle management solution. SMARTsend allows people easily to convert hardcopy documents to digital formats, while Xerox's WorkCentre Pro systems combine printing, copying, scanning, faxing and e-mailing in one office device.

Pricing and Availability

DocuShare 5.0 and DocuShare CPX are available immediately from Xerox resellers and distributors, and through Xerox Global Services.

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