Fiat Auto UK has selected Xerox technology in order to rationalise its printing infrastructure and introduce new, efficient ways of working. The deal will help Fiat Auto UK gain faster access to information, improve employee productivity and provide a model of excellence to Fiat’s global dealerships. In a deal won by Xerox partner SCC, Fiat Auto UK has replaced its less efficient, multi-vendor stand-alone printers, faxes and copiers with highly-efficient Xerox multifunction printers (MFP) powered by Xerox’s Extensible Interface Platform (EIP).

Under the terms of the agreement, 20 Xerox Work Centres from the 7200, 7300 and 7600 series have been installed at Fiat Auto UK’s Slough headquarters and Warrington offices allowing for printing, copying, scanning, faxing, and now web services on each device. All machines come with Equitrac software, a print management, cost control and accounting solution which enables staff to cancel or proceed with a specific print job at any device. By using Equitrac in this way, Fiat Auto UK is able to empower staff with additional controls to help reduce any unnecessary printing and reduce waste.

Equitrac runs on Xerox’s Extensible Interface Platform (EIP), a software platform upon which developers can use standard web-based tools to create server-based applications that can be configured for the MFPs touch-screen user interface. Through EIP, the new MFPs will link seamlessly to the Equitrac software and allow Fiat Auto UK to add further applications in future without impacting on the performance of the machines.

As well as benefiting from increased uptime, productivity and insight into printing budgets, the new Xerox devices will help Fiat Auto UK deliver higher quality marketing material, which in turn will help improve information retention amongst potential customers. The aforementioned smart print management tools are also set to directly reduce Fiat Auto UK’s levels of waste, furthering Fiat’s commitment to environmental issues.
Phil Mastris, IT Director Fiat Auto UK said, “SCC was clearly the best print management partner utilising Xerox technology to help us achieve all our back office goals. Not only are we anticipating 30 per cent in cost reductions, we’ll also decrease our paper, toner and energy usage. Employees are also more empowered with the new processes Xerox and SCC have helped introduce which in turn is having an ‘invisible’, but incredibly positive, effect on our business growth.”

Mark Duffelen, director and general manager, Office Group, Xerox UK commented, “Cost and waste management are important to any large enterprise, especially in the automotive industry. I’m happy to say that the installation of Xerox’s multifunction printers, paired with our Extensible Interface Platform, will help Fiat Auto UK future-proof print management solution. It’s our goal to help our customers create and maintain the most efficient printing infrastructure and reduce document waste wherever possible.”

Kevin O’Sullivan, SCC Print sales specialist added, “SCC and Fiat Auto UK have a good relationship based on first class customer service. Looking to the year ahead, its likely SCC will be involved in supplying additional Fiat dealerships with Xerox devices and bring them in line with national marketing requirements.”


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