UXBRIDGE : Xerox has begun authoring Ducati’s technical manuals as part of the $13.5 million, five year, contract that it was awarded in July 2005. Within Xerox Global Services’ (XGS) Product Lifecycle Services, the company is now streamlining the authoring, translation and delivery of technical manuals, improving lead times and eliminating obsolescence and waste with improvements to document processes in this critical area. Over the course of the contract, XGS is driving down direct costs by between 10 to 23 percent across various parts of the Ducati business and, by using just-in-time methodologies, has already reduced the lead time for User Manual printing from 15 days down to one day.

XGS is also providing a wide range of document management, production and publishing services as well as mapping, analysing and rationalising the company’s office equipment portfolio. Says Gianfranco Giorgini, operation director for Ducati Motor Holding: “Xerox carries out for us all of the drafting of technical documentation, the printing of all of our promotional materials, the photocopying, printing and binding of all our brochures, the rationalisation of our office machines and the production of direct mail.”

XGS will be helping Ducati to streamline the entire technical manual publication process, bringing reduced production times, improved quality, reduced costs and a seamless workflow across the company’s technical product information. In time, Xerox will implement content management systems for better process control within the authoring and editing activities, aiming for year-on-year progressive cost reductions.

“Ducati has an outsourcing philosophy and frequently resorts to outsourcing as a strategic lever. Xerox is helping us right across the enterprise – in the office, in the production environment – in fact everywhere,” said Giorgini.

Ducati Motor Holding is one of the world's leading manufacturers in the motorcycle industry and one of the most dynamic brands in the world. With motorcycle production increasing rapidly per annum, Ducati faces a range of challenges.

“Like many organisations, Ducati wants to improve efficiency, rationalise its office fleet and re-engineer its business processes – and all at a lower cost,” says Shaun Pantling, Director and General Manager of Xerox Global Services, Europe. “Working together we have identified areas of wastage and obsolescence and implemented several process improvements in workflow and document management. XGS has reduced the number of supplier invoices from 20 to a single invoice and we’ve significantly reduced the number of office devices whilst still being able to drive higher performance. That means considerable savings from increased productivity and reduced cost of ownership.”

Xerox and Ducati are now looking at other areas of co-operation particularly in the digital document scanning and archiving area.

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