UXBRIDGE - Advantage Digital Print Limited (ADP) has become the first Xerographic printer in the UK to meet the Fine Art Trade Guild print standards, as a result of UKAS accredited laboratory tests on prints produced on the Xerox iGen3 Digital Production Press. As an approved Fine Art Trade Guild supplier, ADP can now offer artists in Dorset and around the country Guild-branded, high-quality digital reproductions of original paintings at a more affordable cost.

The purpose of the Fine Art Trade Guild print standards is to protect the interests of consumers and maintain confidence in the art industry. Consumers can buy with confidence prints bearing the Guild logo, confirming Guild standards have been met. To be accredited, ADP submitted iGen3-produced work to undergo a series of tests carried out by a United Kingdom Accreditation Service (UKAS) approved laboratory. In addition to the meeting the Fine Art Trade Guild's standards on light fastness, media pH and media weight, the high speed and superior output quality of the Xerox's iGen3 means that ADP is able to offer painters the ability to reproduce their original artwork using a more affordable alternative to Giclee printing while maintaining the high standards of quality and colour accuracy that is crucial for the fine arts market.

"For the past two years we have seen the number of art reproduction requests growing as a result of word-of-mouth recommendation among the local art community. We have found a way to provide the art community with a quick and affordable print service whilst maintaining the superior quality required in this market," said Charles Anderson, Director of Advantage Digital Print. "Xerox's iGen3 met the strict requirements set by the Fine Art Trade Guild print standards and is clearly the right technology for us to deliver fine art reproduction."

Peter Taylor, Director and General Manager Production and Graphic Arts, Xerox UK, added, "It is fantastic to see companies like ADP pioneering unique and innovative solutions that address the needs of art lovers and painters, with the help of Xerox machines. The iGen3 proved the best-fit technology to deliver more affordable, high quality, fine art reproduction and, as a result, the Fine Art Trade Guild has recognised ADP has the capabilities to meet its official print standards."

ADP use high-end scanners to capture digital images of artwork, which is then colour corrected and matched to the original before printed on the Xerox iGen3. As an approved supplier, ADP can now include the Guild logo on all prints created on the tested media giving both the artist and the consumer piece of mind that the artwork reproduction will maintain its colour and quality for a long time.

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