UXBRIDGE -- The UK Government's Department for Work and Pensions (DWP) has announced that a contract to provide it with print and associated services should be awarded to iON, a group led by Xerox, the world's leading document management company. It is intended that the term of the contract will be for seven years and will be worth approximately 400 million, with an option to extend for a further three years.

The contract will provide a single Service Management infrastructure for all the DWP's core print and related requirements and will facilitate the transformation of the department's document services and improve the quality and effectiveness of its document related communication with the general public. The contract will also result in substantial overall savings for the department in line with its commitment to the UK Government's Efficiency Review targets.

"Through iON, Xerox and its partners will provide us with a streamlined and coherent solution to DWP's current and future needs for print, publicity material and associated services. This will give us improved value for money, greater efficiency and a vehicle for continuous improvement in this important area of our business," said David Smith, Commercial Director, Department for Work and Pensions.

In addition to Xerox - the prime contractor - the iON group includes EDS, Accenture, CEVA Logistics (formerly TNT Logistics), Remploy, The Stationery Office and TNT. This group will provide the DWP with a unique combination of skills and expertise to deliver a major transformation of some key business processes related to document management and production.

"The awarding of this significant contract to the iON group demonstrates Xerox's strength in document management services and our ability to bring together an unbeatable combination of service providers," said Armando Zagalo de Lima, President, Xerox Europe. "Together we are creating a customised and high quality service that will deliver tangible benefits to the DWP," he said.

The contract is intended to be signed by, and to start on, the 1st June this year with the transition and transformation of services planned to be phased over two years from commencement.

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