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Xerox is joining forces with Induction Healthcare to deliver digital and physical hybrid mail capabilities alongside Induction Healthcare’s Patient Engagement Portal (PEP) solution. The strategic collaboration aims to enhance the patient communications experience while maximising investments in Electronic Patient Record (EPR) systems.

The partnership leverages Xerox's expertise in secure document management and Induction Healthcare's innovative patient portal to offer NHS Trusts a robust, integrated solution. This combined effort aligns with NHS England's Digital First initiative, mandating all Trusts to implement Patient Engagement Portals (PEPs) by late 2024. PEPs empower patients with digital access to their health records, appointment details, and communications from their Trust, fostering an enhanced healthcare experience.

Critical Benefits for Trusts:

  • Quick Delivery: Digital communications are securely delivered the same day via encrypted channels, while physical letters arrive rapidly thanks to optimised print and mail workflows. This efficiency helps reduce ‘Did Not Attends’ (DNAs), which, according to NHS England, cost the NHS an average of £120 per missed appointment.
  • Data Security: Stringent encryption, secure handling protocols, and two-factor authentication ensure patient information remains safe according to NHS data protection standards.
  • Seamless Integration: Appointment details and clinical letters automatically sync from hospital records and populate the patient portal.
  • Convenient Access: Patients can receive communications digitally through the portal or by traditional mail, providing flexibility and convenience.
  • Environmental Advantage: Reducing paper usage supports NHS sustainability goals and aligns with Xerox's net-zero pledge for 2040.

"This partnership allows us to offer a more efficient and eco-friendly patient journey by delivering important communications faster, more reliably and with less paper," said Tara Scott-Sowter, Commercial Director at Induction Healthcare.

"Innovating alongside Induction Healthcare underscores our commitment to advancing the NHS's digital agenda and improving patient experiences," said Leigh Gripton, Digital Transformation Lead at Xerox.

Moving forward, user-friendly features like QR code self-service appointment management will drive higher digital engagement, making patient interactions smoother and more interactive.

See the integrated Xerox-Induction Healthcare solution at the Healthcare Confed Expo in Manchester on June 12-13, 2024. Visit Confed Expo for details.

About Induction Healthcare

Induction Healthcare’s digital solutions have been supporting the NHS since 2013, giving patients more control and choice over their own care. Induction enables 24/7 access to health information, providing patients with the tools to actively participate in managing their own care journey, and offering clinical teams a more efficient way to be productive and engage with patients, thereby avoiding additional staff burden. Induction’s Patient Engagement Portal (PEP) solution seamlessly integrates with leading EPR/PASs, allowing patients to view clinical letters and results, self-manage appointments, complete digital forms, and attend video consultations. This supports care pathways that include waitlist validation, pre-op assessments, and PIFU/CIFU.

Induction’s digital technology not only empowers patients by improving access and outcomes, but also delivers substantial financial savings and reductions in elective recovery times for our NHS partners. Through partnerships like Xerox and by working closely with our customers and healthcare leaders across the NHS, Induction continually strives to develop solutions that support operational teams and their patients in an increasingly challenging healthcare environment.

To learn more about Induction Healthcare's suite of healthcare technology solutions, visit their website at www.inductionhealthcare.com.

About Xerox UK & Ireland

For more than 100 years, Xerox has continually redefined the workplace experience. Harnessing our leadership position in office and production print technology, we’ve expanded into software and services to sustainably power the hybrid workplace of today and tomorrow. Today, Xerox is continuing its legacy of innovation to deliver client-centric and digitally-driven technology solutions and meet the needs of today’s global, distributed workforce. From the office to industrial environments, our differentiated business and technology offerings and financial services are essential workplace technology solutions that drive success for our clients. At Xerox, we make work, work. Learn more at www.xerox.com and explore our commitment to diversity and inclusion.